About Us

Securranty started with the simple mission of providing its customers with an alternative to the traditional carrier insurance and store warranties that have expensive premiums and high deductibles. At that time, we called it the “Smart Way to Warranty”.

Within three months of its founding, Securranty was contacted by a Fortune 100 company to provide a warranty solution for insuring thousands of iPhone’s and iPads for its mission critical employees. At this early stage in our company, we feared our comparatively small size would hinder our ability to win over this new client, as we were competing against larger and well-established warranty and insurance providers. However, our company size was an unexpected asset, as it allowed us to be creative and innovative with our warranty offerings; in other words, we were hungry and foolish! (To this day, hanging in our office is a quote of Steve Jobs: “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish”).

This hunger and foolishness led us to develop “Mobile Hardware Management” (MHM), an industry first warranty solution “Built for Enterprise.” About four months later we were managing iPhones & iPads for our first Fortune 100 enterprise client! Today, several Fortune 500 companies choose our MHM program for their mission critical workforce out in the field.

Securranty has evolved as a company with a focus on consumers, businesses, education, and the public sector. With industry leading partnerships, we have expanded our offering of Protection Plans far beyond mobile devices. Our Partners count on us to develop unique programs with the same level of creativity that they can offer to their customers.

When it comes to mobility, Securranty also owns and operates a full-service Repair Depot and handles logistics management for its customers and partners. This allows us to control the quality of the refurbishment of customers’ electronics, so that we consistently exceed customer expectations in every aspect of the claims process. At the core of our product and service delivery is our proprietary technology platform, MAGIC (Mobile Asset Gateway In Cloud), and a team committed to providing world class service to our customers.

In its infancy, Securranty was “The Smart Way to Warranty”. Today, it is a company confident about its tomorrow; confident in its ability to deliver on commitments and confident to deliver world-class service. Today, it is with the same hunger and foolishness, that Securranty offers “Assurance for Tomorrow”!

Our programs are underwritten by A.M. Best Rated A (Excellent) insurer for compliance & guarantee.
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