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Frequently Asked Questions
Is there a minimum number of devices required to sign up for SMB services?
We don't require a minimum number of devices to sign up as an SMB customers. However, in order to qualify for Monthly billing we require that you have a minimum of 25 devices.
Is there an eligibility criteria to sign up?
Can devices older than 30 days be enrolled?
Is the SMB pricing & program for SMB customers only?
How easy is it to Sign Up?
How easy is the device enrollment process?
Will I be required to have a credit card on file?
Why is lost & theft coverage not offered to SMB customers?
Does Securranty offer Mobility Management Services?

Securranty’s mission is to enable organizations to more effectively embrace
mobility to transform their organization and increase their competitiveness.

Organizations Look to Securranty when:
  • Searching for “a one hand to shake”, to deliver a fully integrated solution that delivers complete mobility management
  • Frustrated with high costs and deductibles of traditional insurance and warranty programs
  • Data security on mobile devices is of utmost importance
  • They’re truly searching for a comprehensive solution that dramatically improves productivity and reduces overall cost
  • They’ve had it with an in-house solution that does not address all the issues efficiently or cost-effectively
  • They want to eliminate unpredictability in budgeting with a low, fixed predictable cost model
Mobile Hardware Management is our innovative and industry first mobility management solution, built for enterprise. We simplify the most complex workflow of a global organization to deliver a turn-key solution with simple & predictable pricing.
  • Unlimited Repairs & Replacements
  • Zero Deductibles, Tier Level or Incident Fees
  • Asset & Inventory Management
  • Life cycle Management
  • Manufacturer Warranty Defects Covered from Day 1
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Same Day Repair or Replacement at Apple, Samsung or Local Repair Store

These benefits when combined with our Mobility Management Service will Simplify processes to dramatically improve and reduce overall cost. This is why many fortune 500 companies & organizations look to Securranty to effectively and efficiently manage their large deployment of mobile devices.

Powered by Securranty’s proprietary platform MAGIC (Mobile Asset Gateway in Cloud), Securranty’s MHM solution provides a complete turnkey solution for deployment and post deployment management with an integrated warranty & insurance solution for mobile devices.

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Frequently Asked Questions
How does an SMB customer benefit from using Securranty?
What is Mobile Hardware Management?
What is unique about Securranty’s Enterprise Mobility Management?
Does Securranty provide its Enterprise Mobility Program outside of the continental U.S.?
How does Securranty compare to AppleCare+ protection plan?
Does Securranty cover Mechanical Failure, Accidental Damage, and Lost & Theft?
Do you cover manufacturer defects during the manufacturer warranty period?
Why is the cost lower for Repair Depot Vs. Advanced Exchange?
What happens if I have a claim while I am traveling within the U.S. or internationally?
Can I get my device repaired at the Apple Genius bar, Samsung Authorized store or a local repair shop?
How do I sign up for the service?
Do you offer technical support?
I would like to learn more, what is the best way to contact sales?
Is the program insured for guarantee and compliance?

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