Third-Party Administration

Securranty owns and operates a depot repair service facility out of Houston for its customers, business clients & partners to control quality from start to finish. We do more than just sell a protection plan for mobile devices. We repair them to fully control and deliver a customer experience of quality and service, second to none! Other warranty, insurance and service providers can offer excuses when you receive a defective device from “their repair depot”. We can't offer any excuses and we don't because we own it and we control it!

Our unparalleled service, commitment to quality and getting it right the first time is the reason many service providers to fortune 500 companies rely on our depot repair service to deliver a fast quality repair with lifetime warranty of workmanship. No excuses!

We have many clients that do not feel they have enough attrition to justify a warranty/insurance plan for their devices so they use our depot repair service for mobile devices. Our certified technicians can repair all make and models of smart phones, tablets, laptops, rugged devices and more.

Data Security

Data security is of utmost importance to all our clients. However, enterprise and public sector agencies have strict regulations and industry requirements that must be met when it comes to data. A simple device reset or content erase command erases your data from access, however, the data still resides on the hard drive. We ensure all data is erased and 100% unrecoverable from the hard drive.

Every device that goes through our depot has is logged from receiving to shipping by make, model, serial #, customer, date received, date shipped, repair work performed and a certificate of data deletion is kept on every device.

Our controlled depot environment from receiving to repair to quality assurance to storage and to shipping is all under 24 hour surveillance and recording.

Cost Savings

Whether it's a simple cracked screen or a complex mother board repair, our certified technicians have the skills to deliver!

We can save hundreds and even thousands of dollars by successfully performing a complex mother board repair to prevent your device from becoming salvage. We will advise you when a device is beyond economic repair and make recommendations for disposal for cash value through our buyback program, dispose it through our environmentally friendly recycling program or simply return it to you.

Quality Control

Every step of the process from receiving a device to shipping has controls in place to ensure we get it right the first time. Every device goes through a computerized 65-point check requiring our QA team member to interact with the device through the testing process for every single function of the device.

Enterprise Repair Depot Service

Powered by Securranty's proprietary platform MAGIC (Mobile Asset Gateway in Cloud), we can manage your device inventory, repair, logistics including postage to and from our depot based on your service level requirements.

Sign up in to create an account in less than 10 minutes to (a) Centralized management of all repair tickets by your IT team or (b) individually managed by your employees. You are then ready to submit your repair ticket in less than a minute! We do the rest!

Have a nationwide footprint of workforce for which you need repair depot service? Let us manage the entire support and repair process using our proprietary platform. Each team member throughout the country can submit their own ticket for repair and thus allowing IT staff to focus on their core responsibilities.

Let us focus on our core expertise while you focus on your core business!

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