The Problem with Carrier Insurance

Life happens.  It’s funny you know?  You can simply take all the measures to do the very best to be careful to prevent stressful situations; however, you never know what is going to happen no matter how hard you try. 

With myself being a neat freak and OCD, I am constantly cleaning my home to make sure there isn’t a mess everywhere. If there is a mess, my mind is not at ease. I am a parent to a young child and I am always trying to make sure they don’t hurt or kill themselves; I am constantly on the go and definitely not one of those perfect parents you hate that rub it in your face. Being a working parent, I am the go with my mind in a million places at once. With that being said--you know that split moment when you turn your head away from your child and the fun part happens? Yep, that’s the official story of my life. 

My little one, Michael, who loves to be my helper saw me start cleaning the house. After observing me washing dishes and throwing away things in the trash, Michael decided that he was ready and up for his new job unassigned to him. I discovered this by realizing that the house was oddly quiet and I no longer heard Michael singing along to his Disney music. Of course, let me see what Michael is up to… 

For the sake of not knowing who is reading this with all of these politically correct people running around, I will simply say my reaction and words were “crap.” But I digress…

There was Michael with his stepping stool at the bathroom sink with soap in his hand literally WASHING my iPhone. My iPhone. Out of all the things to get his hands on, it just had to be my phone - where I literally rely on this thing 24/7 because my boss is on my case constantly. My phone was dancing in water and bubbles. . . He then realized I was present at the doorway and he turned to me with a large smile on his face full of delight shouting, “surprise!” I wish you could have seen the look of horror on my face. I literally wanted to shout but it was hard to stay angry at Michael seeing how happy he was to help me “clean” my phone. 

Being the tech guru everyone knows me for, I tried the rice method and other hacker methods to help bring my phone back to life; however, my phone was definitely”not about that water life.” Nope. Just my luck; when I help other people with their gadgets, miracles would happen. But when I need my phone to come through for me, I can practically hear Kevin Hart’s voice saying…Nope, not today. 

I did everything I needed to do avoid having to pay that $199 deductible again with my carrier. I won’t say which carrier but I am sure you can Google. AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and you can just guess which one. But back to my point… when I filed my claim for my expensive and what is now a squeaky clean paperweight, I was denied due to the reason that I exceeded my two year, two-time claim limit. 


Just when I had other emergency expenses to take care of, this was the last thing I needed. Since I had to buy another phone and I was not up for an upgrade with my carrier, I needed another option in case if this headache happened again. I spent so much money paying about $10 a month for the years that I spent with my carrier and I cannot control how many accidents happen.  It is one thing to pay the deductible like I agreed to pay; however, I cannot have a limit on how many times my child decides to surprise me with an unwanted expensive gift. 

After doing some digging, I came across this company called Securranty and they provided exactly what I needed. This was even better than the Apple Care Plus plan I bought for my wife’s phone and she doesn’t even have lost coverage.  Not only was I able to choose a 3 year iPhone warranty (which is great because now with all my surprises,  I cannot afford to get the new iPhone right now), but it is cheaper than what I was paying before and I have no limit to how many times life happens. 

Seriously, it’s unlimited. No kidding. 

For my existing lifestyle, this is exactly what I need right now.  Not only did the cost not kill my pockets, I can also go to the Apple Store to get serviced by one of those “geniuses” and get reimbursed for my repair. I can do everything online when I’m on the go and upload the documentation I need right from a mobile device.  Before I even left the Apple Store, I had finished the process to get reimbursed for my repair. Of course, I had to wait for the bank to do their thing with giving me my money back in a few business days but my process is done! 

I’m going to call this my money hack and trick against huge companies that love to take your money. Don’t get me wrong, these guys probably want your money and business too; however, I was always told Documentation Beats Conversation. Do yourself a favor and get a Securranty iPhone Protection Plan. Save yourself the headache. If you can relate to me and have your own little version of Michael, your pockets and stress levels will thank you.