This is why laptop insurance makes so much sense today

The very thought of a broken or damaged laptop is enough to make most executives and students break out in a cold sweat. They are so dependent upon them and utilize their laptops so much that they are practically “one” with them. If something bad were to happen to the laptop, like the hard drive wanting to fail, right before an important deadline, hopefully, there is a backup saved of the important documents. Also, hopefully, the device is covered under warranty to get repaired or replaced. If not, goodness - Just imagine the costs that will be associated. That’s exactly why having transparent laptop insurance is so important these days. 

Today, it seems that people can’t live without their laptops. For many, a laptop is a workhorse used to be efficient in the school or workplace. Regardless of the reputation of the brand we choose for our laptop, there is a definite reason as to why insurance is offered for all of them. They are man-made so life can happen by putting the laptop at risk and susceptible to damages, cracks, spills, and power surges. Statistics show the high risk of laptops becoming damaged or faulty within a certain time frame, so many make a wise decision to not depend on their “luck,” because this “luck” is rather expensive. Because of that, a laptop should be insured. For example, there are many K–12 schools that lend the laptop to their students and ask the parents to get it insured should the children take the gadget outside the institute’s premises.

What are the benefits of getting a laptop warranty? 

Because anything can take your laptop down anywhere and at any time, it has become pretty critical to get the laptop insured no matter what. There are many laptop warranty benefits—especially when you get it from a credible laptop insurance carrier such as Securranty; some of them are listed below: 

  • The insurance will cover against drops, cracks, spills, or any other kind of malfunctions.
  • You don’t have to fork out an excessive deductible payment when you file a claim.
  • The cost of new parts and labor can be covered in a laptop protection plan.
  • Shipping of your laptop to and from the depot center is absolutely free.
  • Coverage has WORLDWIDE protection. 

Why is getting Securranty a fantastic option for your laptop?

24/7 claims process

With the help of Securranty’s proprietary cloud solution, they empower their users to file claims anywhere at any time through the phone or online. All you have to do is remember your login credentials to access Securranty’s portal. From there, you can track your laptop’s shipment and repair or replacement status.

Fast depot repair or replacement

With Securranty, you get unlimited depot repairs. All you have to do is file a claim and Securranty will pay for the shipping charges both to and from their own depot. They even ensure that the device is shipped back to you within a period of just 24 hours!

Same-day local repair store

If time is of essence and you simply cannot wait 24 hours, then you have the option to bring your laptop to a local repair shop or a nearby Genius Bar. You just have to keep your payment receipt with you. Once your repair is complete from the local shop and you have paid, you need to send the receipt for Securranty’s approval—afterward; the money will be reimbursed and sent to you in your mentioned account.

So what are you waiting for? If you’re delaying the decision to get laptop insurance for some time now, then you need to buy one from Securranty right away.