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We not only offer customized solution and service, but also customized pricing based on volume of devices being deployed. Please complete the Contact Us form for a volume based discounted pricing or call us 24 X 7 for assistance.

Please find below a sample of pricing for iPads, Chromebooks and laptops. Get A Quote

Whether you are a K-12 or higher education institution, we can customize a warranty or insurance solution for iPads, tablets and laptops. Whether device is owned by student or institution, we offer 1,2,3 or 4 years of service plans that cover mechanical failure, accidental damage or theft.

Our customized enrollment options and payment collection for service plans by student, parent or the institution eliminates financial liability for the institution to collect and manage funds related to the program.

Additionally, Securranty offers service and repair options to meet the needs and requirements of your organization such as local repair, campus store repair or depot repair with free shipping. Securranty owns and operates a full-service depot so you can count on us to deliver a quality service!

At the heart of Securranty’s service delivery is our proprietary cloud based technology platform that provides for ease of program implementation and management for your institution with a comprehensive solution that will assure success.

IT Administrators Looks to Securranty When:
  • Frustrated with administration and management of repairs & replacements when devices fail, break or are stolen
  • Ease of asset & inventory management is critical
  • They’re truly searching for a comprehensive solution that eliminates administration & management hassles
  • Faced with limited financial & human resources to administer the program
  • Financial planning and budgeting requires historical data for accurate forecasting
  • Success of 1:1 initiative is paramount

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