Data Security, Empowerment & Productivity
Whether your mobile IT environment is Corporate Liable, BYOD or both, Securranty can deliver a customized solution based on your industry specific standards & regulations or your company specific requirements. Whether your company environment is BYOD to effectively manage resources or to allow your employees the flexibility to use their device of choice, the concern for data security or workforce productivity do not diminish. Empowering your employees to use their favorite mobile device is as important as keeping them productive.

However, there are challenges that face enterprise when it comes business use of employee devices. Companies are grappling with expected legislation (BYOD Legislation: What California's Case Could Mean For Businesses Everywhere).

Securranty can help! Let us develop a custom warranty/insurance program for your employees that you can offer as a benefit to offset business use of their personal device, increase employee morale and keep them productive. Our solution requires no effort or resources on the part of company to implement such a solution. Powered by Securranty’s proprietary platform MAGIC (Mobile Asset Gateway in Cloud), Securranty’s MHM solution provides a complete turnkey solution for a corporate liable or individual liable environment with an integrated warranty & insurance solution for mobile devices. Talk to us and we will show you why many fortune 500 companies & organizations look to Securranty to effectively and efficiently manage mobility.

Empower your workforce, increase morale & increase productivity with Securranty as your partner!

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