Home Appliance Warranty Starting at 5 CENTS a Day !!

A home appliance warranty is a service agreement that covers the cost to repair or replace the items in your home if they experience failure or malfunction. If the item is unable to be repaired for,  you will either be provided with a replacement with like kind features and functionalities or provide you with a cash settlement.  You can purchase Policies on monthly billing or a one-time payment for a period of 3 or 5 years. When you request a repair, you may be required to pay a service fee and thereafter a technician will be dispatched to your residence. After doing some research and reading the fine print for a plethora of home appliance warranty providers, one of the biggest differentiators in their home service agreements was the maximum liability paid per appliance repair.  Shockingly over half of the home warranty companies will cap the coverage they offer for customers at a whopping low rate of only $500. 

Clearly based off of the chart above, if your refrigerator alone were to stop functioning then you are now stuck with paying an unexpected out of pocket expense for repair as well as the hassle of finding a licensed and certified technician.  For example, Home Advisor has compiled data for repair costs on refrigerators; the typical cost for refrigeration repair is anywhere between $200 and $400. So let’s face it—things break down and they’re expensive to fix!  The cost of purchasing an appliance warranty is on average less than 40% – 50% cheaper than the cost of one repair alone and protects you for years based on the coverage plan purchased.

Securranty is a provider of Home Appliance Warranty and electronic warranties which offers plans built around serving you. The service provided is more than just replacements or repairs; they are committed to providing the services and people at the most convenient times for you based on your busy schedule. Securranty has taken all the data and research compiled to formulate the best service option currently on the market. . The coverage is straightforward, predictable and honest; Securranty created a service where customers know what to expect from their service agreements to eliminate any confusion or surprises.  

With Securranty, your family’s budget is protected and you have peace of mind against the hassles of repairing or replacing an appliance. Period.

Average Cost Per Repair

Appliance/ System                     Average Repair Cost*
Washing Machine                         $250.00
Dishwasher                                    $200.00
Refrigerator                                   $330.00
Oven                                               $200.00
Standalone Freezer                      $400.00
Dryer                                              $350.00
*Estimate - Repair Costs Can Vary Depending On Exact Issue