Should K-12 schools or students pay for student device insurance?

Should K-12 schools or students pay for Chromebook or iPad Insurance? 

K-12 school board and management continue to struggle with the cost of 1-to-1 initiative from the initial cost of device purchase, cost of repairs and replacements, the rapidly changing technology that impacts the usage and life of the device, charging students a technology fee, consideration of students on the lunch program, budget considerations, risk of damage if students are allowed to take the device home and more.

In order to ensure the success of the 1:1 initiative, a decision has to be made to balance student learning with budgetary constraints and placing the burden on the family for the cost of repairs and replacements.  Schools that do not have budget constraints are able to support the program fully without placing a burden on schools and there are those schools who have no choice but to have students/parents share the cost by either paying a technology fee or being the made the party responsible to purchase insurance.

Insurance as an option...


IT administrators may consider insurance and warranties that make financial sense and simplify the management of repair, replacements, and tracking.  Securranty provides a comprehensive solution with their proprietary technology to ensure simple, hassle-free claims process including providing IT administrators real-time visibility into all policies and claims.  More importantly, Securranty provides enrollment & claims management option regardless of who pays for insurance.  

Schools or students have the option to purchase insurance for a brand new or used Chromebook or iPad and have the option of purchasing coverage that includes mechanical failure, theft & lost, accidental damage, liquid damage, vandalism, flood, and fire.                   

How Securranty simplifies insurance purchase and claims management                             

Regardless of parent or school paying for insurance, Securranty has automated the entire process from obtaining a quote/proposal to enrolling devices for coverage.                    

The school pays for insurance: (1) schools can now Get an Instant Quote in about 2 minutes (2) approve the quote & issue a purchase order (3) Upload the list of devices to their account which is automatically created during the quote process. It is literally that simple.  Or schools can have Securranty team provide white glove service from account setup to uploading devices by simply emailing the purchase order with the list of devices.


Student/Parent pays for insurance: Securranty will create a school-branded web page and provide URL to school to share with parents.  Parents click on URL to purchase and pay for insurance.  Thereafter, each parent gets their own account to manage their policies and claims.  The school and IT staff also have an account to view all of the policies purchased by students including filing and viewing all claims activity in real-time. School may, in this case, choose to manage claims even though parents have purchased the policies or let students file their own claim. Click here to learn more


Claim Processing Becomes Easier                      

When it comes to filing a claim, simply log into the account to file a claim online in about 2 minutes. Plus, for the convenience of users, the claim can even be filed through a phone call.                       

Once the claim is filed, you are updated on every step of processing with email notifications as well as your online account. Plus, by logging in the account, the user can even track the claim’s status in real time. (This tracking detail includes the information on shipping carriers as well.)


Repairing Devices Is a Breeze                   

Securranty even lets the insured parties decide how fast they want the repairs to be done. For instance, this insurance provider lets the institute authorities decide where the device will be repaired. The repairing options include Apple genius bar (for Apple products only), an authorized repair facility, on-site technician, or a local repair store.


The best part is that this coverage is available worldwide. So, no matter a student’s device wrecks at the college or anywhere else in the world, if the mobile device insured with Securranty, it is completely protected. So, get connected with one of the reps here and see which protection plan or warranty suits your college or school or university.

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