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IT Directors & Staff love the service & value Securranty offers for student device insurance coverage for Google Chromebooks, Apple iPads, Apple MacBook’s, Windows Laptops, Microsoft Surface and more. To experience the value and our proprietary technology, simply generate a proposal instantly with quantity discounts.
After you experience the value, then choose to engage our existing school district customers about the service and value we deliver and how our proprietary technology platform simplifies technology device management issued to thousands of students across their school district.

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Unlimited Incidents for Replacements

Most Comprehensive Student Device Insurance coverage is now offered by Securranty that includes Mechanical Malfunction, Accidental Damage, Liquid Damage, Loss, Theft, Flood, Fire and Vandalism including missing or broken keys, battery failure and more.
IT directors & Staff of K-12 school districts love technology device insurance coverage offered by Securranty! Our insurance covers unlimited claim incidents for repair and replacements. OEM’s of HP, Dell, Asus, Acer, Samsung and other devices limit replacements to 1 over a term of 3 or 4 Years or 1 per year. Compare and save with Securranty!

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Insurance Purchase by Students, Option for IT to File Claims

Select Securranty as your partner to offer technology device Insurance coverage to Students, Staff & Faculty and launch your program within 1 – 2 business days!
IT Director and staff have complete control and visibility with an account created for the school to view policies purchased by students and track claims in real-time. The school may choose to file claims and manage repair or replacement process or allow parents to file claim and still manage the repair process or simply allow parents to ship device to our repair facility. Try our repair service, discounted rates, for uninsured devices.

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Claims Management with Real-Time Tracking & Visibility

We Pay K-12 Schools for Self-Service Repair!

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How To File a Claim & Depot Service

Self-Service Repair

Onsite Tech Dispatch

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Our Proprietary Technology

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Looking for Real-Time Visibility and Reports? Our technology allows IT directors to customize the insurance purchase and claims process to allow either IT staff or students/parents to file and manage claims. Students/parents can pay Securranty for insurance. Regardless of who pays for insurance and who file claims, the IT director and staff can view, manage and track every policy or claim in real-time, 24 x7. Utilize our online platform or our enterprise level APIs for real-time integration with your internal systems. Tired of being in the dark? Our cloud based proprietary technology, built for enterprise, delivers real-time access, visibility, reports and more to your IT staff users, based on user roles.
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Get A Quote instantly! Get a quote with quantity discounts for New, Used and Refurbished Chromebooks, Apple iPads, Apple MacBook’s, Microsoft Surface, Laptops, Smart boards, Projectors, Televisions and more! Ready to simplify student device insurance purchase and claims process for your K-12 school, college or university?

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Request A Customized Proposal? Are you an Enterprise customer with a large deployment that includes various devices types, manufacturers, OS and more? Let us customize a proposal, typically within 1 business day, with quantity discounts, service options and more to meet your organizations requirements.

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Want to speak with our sales team? Want to learn how we have customized student device insurance purchase, repair and claims process for large K-12 school districts, colleges or universities? Let us share some of our success stories and best practices learnt over the years in delivering solutions to educational institutions of all sizes.

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Join our client list of 100’s of K-12 School Districts, Colleges & Universities across the country that leverage our experience and proprietary technology for simple, efficient and competitive student device insurance programs. Let us show you how we simplify the complex and eliminate hassles of repairs, replacements with our extended warranty & insurance service plans for Chromebook, Apple iPads, Apple MacBook’s & Laptops. We are laser focused in success of your school’s 1-to-1 initiative!

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Get a quote for student device insurance instantly with quantity discounts and coverage options for New, Used or Refurbished Chromebook’s, Apple iPads, Apple MacBook’s, Windows & Surface Laptops. Does your K-12 school district, college or university have multiple brands and models?
Let us deliver the most competitive proposal in the industry with a single premium...Guaranteed!
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Mechanical malfunction Display Failure Hard Drive Failure Battery Failure Wi-Fi Failure Port Failures Motherboard Failure Won't Charge Won't Power On Power Surge A.C Adapter Cracked Screen Liquid Spill
Full Immersion Internal damage to Product Burglary Theft Stolen Lost or misplaced Flood Fire Vandalism Mischief Power Surge by Lighting
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Frequently Asked Questions

A. K-12, Private schools, College & University IT administrators choose Securranty because: Securranty provides you the option to purchase student device insurance coverage you require and at a price that makes financial sense. More importantly, we provide claims & service level options not offered by other providers. Our proprietary technology allows IT administrator with real-time visibility and reports of all enrollments & claims. Ease of enrollment when parents are responsible to purchase insurance. Schools Administrators benefit from the real-time access to all enrollment and claims activity & reports, in real-time, at their fingertips. Claims management & tracking is available to parents and school Administrators in real-time. IT Administrators have the option to manage the claims process even though the students/parents purchase and pay for iPad or Chromebook Insurance. Claims repair and service options include. (1) technician dispatched onsite for pick up or repair (2) same day local repair option, (3) Apple Genius Bar (4) Depot service with 5 Day Guarantee (5) Advance Exchange Replacement Next Day (6) Repair performed by school for which we provide Parts or Reimbursement (7) Check reimbursement for School to purchase their own replacement
Currently, we only provide coverage for devices purchased within the U.S.
Our protection plan does not replace the manufacturer’s warranty but provides certain additional benefits during the term of the manufacturer’s warranty.
A. Absolutely! We understand the budgeting challenges faced by K-12. Therefore, you can purchase coverage 1-Year at a time or if your initial purchase is for multiple years, you can purchase additional coverage when the initial coverage term ends.
A. Absolutely! We offer discounts based on the number of policies purchased. Whether you are purchasing a group policy paid for by the school or group policy that will be individually purchased by each student/parent, we assure you will receive the best pricing, program, and solution. Simply click on Get a Quote!
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