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Customer Loyalty, Profitability & Competitive Edge
OEM Manufacturers, Distributors, Retailers, Service Providers including Fortune 500 company’s partner with Securranty to deliver Extended Warranty, Protection Plans & Insurance solutions to increase customer loyalty, profitability and more importantly to gain a competitive edge.

At the core of our service delivery is our proprietary technology platform that allows us to deploy custom solutions at the speed of market, offering our Partner’s complete transparency, simple implementation and options for technology integration. Our Partners
  • Trust us to be an extension of their brand to deliver unparalleled service to their customers
  • Count on us to develop a unique and innovative program built with their customers in mind
  • Know they gain a competitive edge
  • Look to us to deliver a turnkey solution with no startup, inventory or technology development costs
  • Know that we can develop and deploy a program at the speed of market
  • Rely on us to deliver innovative solutions that strategically balance increasing revenue with increasing customer loyalty,
    retention and customer acquisition rate
  • Value and appreciate our philosophy of operating with transparency
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Select the Item Category for which you wish to purchase a plan. If you do not see a specific category for our item, you may choose the general category Electronics or contact us.
Select Coverage Term?
Typically 1- 5 year coverage term is offered. Monthly option, when offered, is for a 2 year term, but is billed Billing monthly.
  • Technology Partner

    Our Technology Partners Integrate Securranty’s innovative & industry first warranty solution for mobile devices when selling hardware or providing services to the enterprise & public sectors. Our Technology Partner’s gain a competitive edge, increase profitability and enhance support services for their clients.

    Whether you are a hardware manufacturer, distributor, retailer or service provider we can create a customized warranty solution for your customers..

  • Loyalty Programs

    Organizations large and small are facing competitive landscape where the battle is customer retention. Many Fortune 500 companies from financial institutions to Auto or Home insurance providers, to utility companies, and to credit card companies, all look to Securranty to develop a unique loyalty program to substantially reduce customer churn and simultaneously increase customer acquisition.

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  • Leasing Programs

    If you are a service provider, hardware distributor or a leasing company talk to us and let us show you how we can create a revenue stream for you along with meeting your warranty or insurance requirements for your customers.

    If you are a company or institution looking to lease or finance equipment, we can assist with complete purchase and financing requirements.

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  • OEM Partner Programs

    OEM Manufacturers of electronics, appliances and IoT products look to us to deliver a complete solution with compliance, risk management & administration of manufacturer’s warranty for their end users, resellers and distributors. Our ability to deliver complete turnkey solution allows our OEM Partner’s to focus on core business objectives.

    Are you paying thousands of dollars in warranty management software subscription and account setup fees? Are you a new manufacturer of IoT?

    Not sure where to begin when it comes to manufacturer’s warranty administration? Let’s talk!
  • Drone Warranty or Insurance Programs

    Whether you are a manufacturer, distributor or an organization with large deployment of Drone’s, look to us to provide all insurance & warranty for Drone’s including general liability coverage for you and your customers.

    Looking to provide your customers general liability insurance for their Drone? Let us show you how we can create a revenue stream for you along with providing peace of mind protection for your customers and their Drones.

    We can develop a program that includes risk management, compliance, distribution & logistics including service & repair for your Drone products.

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  • Human Resource Benefits

    As the cost of providing benefits to employee continues to rise, HR is faced with a challenge to retain employees and lower benefit costs to company. Losing good employees is a very expensive proposition as it means having to hire and train new employees which is a drain on human resources. One of the best ways to keep employees is to offer affordable benefits package that your employees will appreciate. Human resource departments are using Securranty to enhance their corporate benefits packages which helps to retain employee, reduce employee turnover and ultimately make employees more productive.

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  • Water & Sewer Line

  • Power Surge Protection

Whether you are a water & sewer, electricity or gas provider, let us develop a Protection Plan for your customers that provides them peace of mind from unexpected expenses of up $10,000. Whether it is a water, sewer or gas leak or a power surge event, our programs can cover all the costs of repair or replacement with zero deductible and no hidden fees.