Appliance Warranty
An appliance warranty protects against electrical and mechanical failure for years to come!
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  • 3 Year
  • 5 Year
  • Appliance Protection Plan covers Mechanical & Electrical failure from normal use
  • Hassle-Free Claims Process with our Appliance Warranty
  • Free On-Site Service for large items
  • For new appliances purchased in the past 90 days
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  • 24/7 Claims Process File a claim online 24 x 7. You can track your claim every step of the way by simply logging into your account. You'll also receive email notifications with updates, including shipping & tracking.
  • Free On-Site Service For Large Items We will dispatch a certified & licensed technician to your home for large items. For small items, we will provide shipping to and from our depot.
  • Fast Repair or Replacement With Securranty you will receive a fast repair or replacement. We will dispatch a certified repair technician to your home for large items - 100% parts and labor covered with no deductible!
Refrigerator -3 year plan – Retail Price $1,499.00 $329.99 $144.99
Washing Machine 3 year plan – Retail Price $849.99 $209.99 $109.99
Dishwasher – 3 Year Plan - Retail Price $699.99 $129.99 $99.99
Prices based on Securranty 3-Year Protection Plans and Sears 3-Year In-Home Master Protection Agreements as of Aug 3, 2016. Securranty Protection Plans cover up to four claims, or up to the limit of liability, and exclude coverage for re-installation, preventative maintenance, cosmetic damage, and reimbursement for incidental loss.
Frequently Asked Questions
Is it worth to purchase a appliances protection plan for mechanical failure?
Does Securranty cover New, Used and/or Refurbished Appliances?
Does the appliance protection plan cover all brands & models of appliances?
Do I have an account to manage my policies after I purchase?
Select Item Coverage?
Select the Item Category for which you wish to purchase a plan. If you do not see a specific category for our item, you may choose the general category Electronics or contact us.
Select Coverage Term?
Typically 1- 5 year coverage term is offered. Monthly option, when offered, is for a 2 year term, but is billed Billing monthly.
Select Coverage?
Mechanical & Electrical Failure: Covers items malfunction that is not a result of accidental damage such as hard drive failure or batter failure. Typically the first year is covered by the manufacturer unless Securranty specifically offers to cover such failure during manufacturer warranty period.

Accidental Damage from Handling: Covers accidental drops, cracks and liquid spills from handling and use of a device. Coverage may not be available or offered for all item categories.
Typically applies for mobile device claims and accidental damage claims. Most other items where Extended Service Contract does not include accidental damage, typically there is no deductible or fees for a claim. For Enterprise customers, we typically do not charge a deductible or fee.