Securranty simplifies student device insurance purchase by parents/students or schools, claims management by school administrators or parents, our proprietary technology platform delivers seamless customization & management for each school, college or university, based on their respective requirements.

Our enterprise level technology platform is built to deliver seamless customer experience with complete transparency and visibility in real-time, including reports at your finger-tips. Administrators, IT directors, Librarians & other faculties responsible for programs such as the 1:1 initiative can access all of the policies and claims information 24 x 7 from any device.

If the iPad or Chromebook insurance or accidental damage protection of student issued devices is to be purchased by Parents, the school is not obligated for any minimum number of policy purchases or any other obligation.

How it works: purchase of insurance by parents/students
1. Get an instant quote in 2 -3 minutes with coverages & premium cost
2. Approve quote & Provide instructions for program implementation as per your school’s requirements
3. Securranty platform delivers customized program instantly
4. Share information with parents for purchase of insurance
5. Monitor in real-time insurance purchase and claims activity as it occurs by parents

How claims management works
1. If students purchase insurance, claims management is configured for either school administrators or parents to file and mange claims.
2. If school administrators choose to file and manage claims, they typically require students to bring the device to the designated office or person in school and swap it for a device that is temporarily used by student while the assigned device is in repair.
3. If students/parents are responsible to file claims, then the students/parents can login to their own individual account to file and manage claims and take a claim approval to the library for a temporary replacement device while their device is in repair.
4. The claims can be tracked in real time thru the entire process from the time claims are filed to the repaired or replacement device is delivered back.
5. The individual filing claims receives updates of claim via emails as the claims moves thru the process (1) when a claim is filed (2) when a claim is approved & shipping label is emailed to ship device for repair (3) when device is in transit via UPS, FedEx or USPS (4) when device arrives at our repair facility (5) When a technician starts repair on the device and finally (6) when it is shipped after QA passes the device after inspection, testing and a 65 point computerized QA check.

Reporting: Provides transparency & visibility
1. Policy Purchase Reports: School administrators can view all insurance policy purchases by parents in real-time including the option to export reports in excel format, 24 x7.
2. Claims Reports: School administrators can login to their account to view & export reports in excel format for all claim activity in real-time, 24 x7.

Are you ready to simplify insurance purchase by parents and claims management for devices issued to students? Select Get An Instant Quote for coverage options and prices within 2 -3 minutes and get the program implementation customized within 15 minutes.

For additional information visit the frequently asked questions or download brochures. You may also contact us and instantly schedule a meeting with one of our team members for any additional questions, assistance with large district wide program pricing, demo of our platform or more.

Distributors or Resellers of electronic hardware devices please visit our Partners section for more information and assistance.

Securranty is a licensed Third-Party Administrator and an insurance agency for marketing of electronics extended warranty, Accidental Damage Protection and insurance solutions. Securranty has been marketing warranty programs to enterprise & education customers since 2011, with all programs insured by A.M. Best Rated “A Excellent” insurer with financial strength of billions.