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Protection Plans For Business
Plans Starting at
  • Monthly $5.95
  • 1-Year Price $59.00 ($4.91/month)
  • 2-Year Price $99.00 ($4.12/month)
  • Covers Mechanical Malfunction
  • Drops ,Cracks & Spills
  • Lost & Theft (Optional)
  • Unlimited Claims
  • Zero Deductible (For qualifying cutomers)
  • Same Day Repair or Replacement
Protect Your Zebra or Honeywell Mobile Computers Or Printers Extended Warranty Plans for 1-5 Years Provide Unlimited Claims
Starting at
  • 5-Year Price $99.99 * Discount Available For Large Deployments
Covers Your Mobile Computers for Unlimited Claims
  • Mechanical Malfunction
  • Accidental Damage
  • Battery Failure
  • Lost & Theft (Optional)
Protect Your Mobile Devices & Ensure Employee Productivity With Our Solution Built For Large Deployments
Dura XV PlusGalaxy Tab EApple iPads
  • Month/1-Year Price $4.95/$49.95
  • Month/1-Year Price $3.95/$39.00
  • Month/1-Year Price $6.95/$59.00
Protect Devices From
  • Mechanical Failure
  • Drops, Cracks & Splits
  • Lost & Theft
Unlimited Claims
  • Zero Deductible
  • Spare pool inventory
Data Security, Employee Productivity & Operational Efficiency
Today's large enterprise is focused on being Mobile First!

No company understands the requirements of an enterprise customer like Securranty. It was within 3 months of launch that Securranty won its first enterprise customer, PepsiCo. It was 2011 and PepsiCo was migrating from Blackberries to iPhones. They were looking for a partner to provide insurance/warranty program for thousands of iPhones & iPads that were going to be deployed throughout the country so they could efficiently and effectively manage every sales person, stocker and delivery driver out in the field. Securranty delivered a unique solution to PepsiCo and the rest as they say is history…

Over the years of providing service to PepsiCo and many other fortune 500 clients, Securranty developed an Industry first, comprehensive, turn-key solution is “built for enterprise”, called Mobile Hardware Management (MHM).

Powered by Securranty's proprietary platform MAGIC (Mobile Asset Gateway in Cloud), Securranty's MHM solution provides a complete turnkey solution for deployment and post deployment management with an integrated warranty & insurance solution for mobile devices. Talk to us and we will show you why many fortune 500 companies & organizations look to Securranty to effectively and efficiently manage their large deployments of mobile devices.

Whether your mobile IT environment is Corporate Liable, BYOD or both, Securranty can deliver a customized solution based on your industry specific standards & regulations or your company specific requirements.

Let us manage your mobility so you can continue your focus on innovations to lead the industry!

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