iPad Warranty

Unbeatable Protection & Service For iPads! Save up to 50%

3 Year-Plan



2 Year-Plan



1 Year-Plan



  • Drops, Cracks, Spills and Malfunction covered 
  • Unlimited Depot Repairs or Apple Genius Bar Repair 
  • 24 x 7 Hassle-free claims process 
  • For iPads Purchased in past 30 days
Policy automatically renews at end of term. (settings can be changed in account profile)A $69 deductible applies to all claims

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AT & T Verizon Apple Care+
Price (over 24 months) $264 $264 $99 $99
Number of Claims Allowed 2/Year 2/year 2 Total UNLIMITED
Deductible per claim $199 $199 $49 $49
Convenient repair at any local service shop NO NO YES YES
Reimbursement for Apple Genius Bar® repairs NO NO N/A YES
Complimentary technical support YES YES YES YES
Loss & Theft Protection YES YES NO No
Coverage never ends (auto-renews), cancel anytime YES YES NO YES
Prices and deductibles based on Securranty iPad protection plan, AT&T Mobile Protection Pack, Verizon Total Mobile Protection, AppleCare+ iPad Protection Plan on 01/23/2017.

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Unlimited & Fast Depot Repair or Replacement

24/7 Claims Process

Same Day Local Repair Option

With Securranty you receive Unlimited Depot Repairs including during the manufacturer warranty period. Simply file a claim and we will pay for shipping to and from our depot. We will either repair or replace your device and ship it back the same day or within 24 hours.

File a claim online or over the phone 24 x 7. You can track your claim every step of the way by simply logging into your account. You'll also receive email notifications with updates, including shipping & tracking.

Can’t wait to get it fixed? Take it to a local repair shop or Genius bar, pay for repairs, and we will reimburse you. Peace of mind traveling with our worldwide coverage. Remember to first file the claim and request a local repair option.

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