iPhone & Smartphone

Protection Plans For Business
Plans Starting at
  • Monthly $5.95
  • 1-Year Price $59.00 ($4.91/month)
  • 2-Year Price $99.00 ($4.12/month)
  • Covers Mechanical Malfunction
  • Drops ,Cracks & Spills
  • Lost & Theft (Optional)
  • Unlimited Claims
  • Zero Deductible (For qualifying cutomers)
  • Same Day Repair or Replacement
Protect Your Zebra or Honeywell Mobile Computers Or Printers Extended Warranty Plans for 1-5 Years Provide Unlimited Claims
Starting at
  • 5-Year Price $99.99 * Discount Available For Large Deployments
Covers Your Mobile Computers for Unlimited Claims
  • Mechanical Malfunction
  • Accidental Damage
  • Battery Failure
  • Lost & Theft (Optional)
Protect Your Mobile Devices & Ensure Employee Productivity With Our Solution Built For Large Deployments
Dura XV PlusGalaxy Tab EApple iPads
  • Month/1-Year Price $4.95/$49.95
  • Month/1-Year Price $3.95/$39.00
  • Month/1-Year Price $6.95/$59.00
Protect Devices From
  • Mechanical Failure
  • Drops, Cracks & Splits
  • Lost & Theft
Unlimited Claims
  • Zero Deductible
  • Spare pool inventory
Enhance Customer Buying Experience, Service Delivery Experience & Operational Excellence
Manufacturing & Automotive companies are using mobile devices to enhance customer buying experience in showrooms to provide customer the high-tech experience to browse, customize and accept delivery of a vehicle. In addition to showrooms, mobile devices are being used in to enhance the customer service experience when a customer drives in for maintenance and to promote operational excellence at dealerships across the nation.

Manufacturing & Automotive companies are using Securranty to insure success of their mobility initiative for enhanced customer service. Additionally, Securranty customizes a solution for operational and cost efficiencies related to IT support, repair & replacements, data security and with a focus on eliminating lost opportunity costs and employee productivity loss.

Powered by Securranty’s proprietary platform MAGIC (Mobile Asset Gateway in Cloud), Securranty’s MHM solution provides a complete turnkey solution for deployment and post deployment management with an integrated warranty & insurance solution for mobile devices to the Manufacturing & Automotive industry.

BYOD? Many Manufacturing & Automotive companies with a BYOD environment offer our mobile device warranty & insurance program to their dealerships & employees to ensure operational excellence and workforce productivity.

Interested in offering a mobile device warranty & insurance program to your customers? We have developed programs for Manufacturing & Automotive companies to increase customer loyalty, prevent churn and gain a competitive edge! Talk to our sales team about your industry solution.
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